Kirkus Book Review, 9/30/2021:   "A skillfully written and emotionally engaging account of buying and selling houses."   

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Books Blog from,  8/24/2021:  "Approximately two-thirds of Americans are involved in real estate transactions. Yet there are few (if any) books that help people understand this complex activity from the perspectives of all three types of parties involved – agent, seller, and buyer. Stepping into the breach, seasoned Realtor Joey Sheehan has written a unique work — OPEN HOUSE! — filled with entertaining anecdotes and practical advice to ensure that her readers’ next real estate transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible."

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“Both the buyer and the seller of real estate should beware when entering into a relationship with a realtor. This book offers valuable advice from a highly successful and principled insider on how to avoid the many ways a real estate deal can go wrong. Realtors are supposed to adhere to The National Association of Realtors’ Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. In representing clients, Realtors “pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of their clients.” You will learn how these pledges are often violated in some firms, in service to bringing in the big bucks. If you are contemplating the big move, either into or out of a home, read this book first! I could only wish we knew the Sheehan principles and had read her many stories of success (and failure) before our own adventures in this largely misunderstood marketplace.

"Our daughter and her husband immediately pored over your book when I gave it to them Thursday night--and downloaded the federal flood map for the property they put a bid on that has a stream--results were good. So helpful!"

"Joey Sheehan's Open House is an unparalleled insider's guide to residential real estate. Joey is one of the realty industry's most successful and intelligent professionals and her book Open House really delivers. Infused with stories from Joey's 30 years of experience, It's readable and useful and wise.

Joey turns out to be much more than a real estate expert; she's also an exceptional observer of human nature. Residential real estate transactions is a great test of personal character. The buyer and seller are nearly always strangers to one another and the professionals they work with (e.g., realtor, inspectors) and a real estate sale is usually an infrequent event for buyer and sale. The stakes are also extremely high since for most Americans a house is their most valuable asset. Consequently, the incentives for poor behavior are high. Joey's stories show that the corner cutters and double-crossers usually fail and that those with integrity and empathy--like Joey--enjoy success and the deep satisfaction of honorable service." - Jason M. Duckworth

"Not your average real estate book. The author aims at pulling back the veil on this important industry and does so much more. From beginning to end Ms Sheehan makes the real workings accessible to professionals and buyers alike. Definitely not a one-time read!'

"In Open House! Joey Sheehan has deployed her vast insider's knowledge of the residential real estate industry to give readers a highly revealing backstage look at how transactions actually get done--or not. The former Harvard-trained China scholar turned Realtor guides readers through the pitfalls and perils of selling or buying a home with a style that is anecdotal, confident, stepwise, and clear. A seasoned professional who knows her stuff, Sheehan has produced a practical work presented in an engaging format."